Date: March 4   Time: 6-10pm

March 4th:  Telescopes and Taffeta

FREE Monthly Event – CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory First Fridays at the Castle is an action-packed open night on the first Friday of every month with activities for visitors of all ages. Join us as we celebrate historic Irish women astronomers for International Womens Day. The Cork Science Cafe asks if gender really is an issue; join in the debate with our panel of female scientists.

…  Oh and did we mention star gazing?…Partcipate  in the first Globe at Night campaign in one of 4 free workshops with Frances from 6-8pm.  She’ll show you how you can be a citizen scientist as we make starmaps and then go and count stars in Orion. (clear skies please!)

6-8pm: Workshops  – 4 half hour, hands on,  family friendly sessions with BCO’s in-house teacher and astronomer, Frances McCarthy.

7-8pm: Cork Science Café .  Join in our informal monthly discussion over a drink at the Castle Cafe. Speakers from UCC, Tyndall Institute, CIT, CEIA and the Cork City Learning Forum.

8-9pm: Telescopes and taffeta — Stars in their eyes
They were the first of their kind, the Irish women who earned a living from astronomy in the late 1800s. Annie Maunder travelled the world chasing solar eclipses.  Margaret Huggins photographed the stars.  Agnes Clerke wrote definitive books about astronomy.  And astrophysicist Alice Everett, who went on to invent some early television technology.
Learn about their lives and legacies in this talk with science writer and broadcaster Mary Mulvihill from Ingenious Ireland. Celebrating International Women’s Day March 8.

Mary Mulvihill, from Ingenious Ireland, has edited two collections of biographies about historic Irish women scientists: Lab Coats and Lace, and Stars, Shells and Bluebells

7-10pm: Assisted night sky observing with BCO astronomers and the Cork Astronomy Club. Weather permitting we should have great views as the telescopes point to  the heavens above.