Curious George I think this is a really good game for younger kids as it teaches languages. You can learn Spanish the fun way with George and the gang, complete puzzles and help bring animals to their zoo and much much more.

Cargo Bridge I feel this a very interesting game for young teenagers as it makes you thing about how to place planks on top of each other to make a bridge. Your objective for each mission is to make a bridge for this little men so they can get the crates on the other end and bring them back to their land. It does get really hard after a bit.

Were Box Is one of the best shapes game around. It requires skill and a certain amount of spatial awareness. You play by knocking all the red squares off the shelf with all the blue one still there, when you click on a box you turn it into a circle. It requires a lot of concentration. Aged between 10-16.

Word Search Puzzles Lets you  pick between many subjects, from maths to animals to cooking…. This old style cross word will help your child’s literacy.
Bloxorz This game seems easy on the first level, but it gets slowly harder as you go up the many levels. Suitable for very bright children or teenagers. The Game is called BLOXORZ  because you are a box and you have to manoeuvres yourself along the small path using the arrow keys and  get through to the teleport without falling off the edge.
Magic Pen Game is very good in helping younger children to recognise and draw shapes. In the game you are given a pen with which you can make shapes like a crayon on paper. The objective of this game is to move a circle from the left hand side of the page to the flag on the right. I think I would recommend this game for ages 10-16. “YES” it may look babyish but this game requires skill and keen intellect to perfect. Even at the age of 16 I still can’t get past level 5.

Reviewed by Ruairí Myers (TY Coláiste an Chraoibhín)