Gathering the Gathering is the capture of your personalised views, opinions and stories throughout the year of The Gathering 2013.

We want you to record and upload your personal messages at any time from the first to the last minute of 2013 when The Gathering comes to a close. All you have to do is visit and upload your message for free.

At the end of 2013 we will send all of the messages to space!

But they won’t be just transmitted to anywhere. They will be transmitted by radio waves to Epsilon Eridani, a star with an extrasolar planet (i.e., a planet which is outside our Solar System) by a powerful radio telescope at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork.

These cosmic postcards will also be stored in a digital time capsule and will not be opened until 2023, when the nation’s thoughts and dreams arrive at Epsilon Eridani b, their destination extrasolar planet.

Tell the world why you love Ireland, what makes you Irish, why you love Tayto’s, why Bosco and Glenroe made an impact on your life. Leave a legacy from 2013 by telling the world why you have a grá for Éire.

Use your smartphone, PC or tablet to record music; tell a story; draw a picture; video your family, friends, club, favourite place in Ireland – the choices are endless and limited only by your imagination. Make an individual or event message. Gather your friends and family and create an impact that has meaning to you. Are you planning a Gathering Event? Why not record a summary of it and upload it to Gathering the Gathering?!!

In 10 years’ time the digital capsule will be opened to reveal its contents to the world and you will get a unique look back into your past and the lives of the people around you in 2013.

Before then, snippets of your cosmic postcards will be available in a special exhibit at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory and on from the end of 2013.

Be part of the largest effort to record the pulse of a nation ever and encourage your family and friends abroad to be here to participate!

Gathering the Gathering will go live at midnight on New Year’s Eve and will remain active until midnight on New Year’s Eve, 2013. Keep an eye open for updates!