Date: July 10-21   Time: 9:30 - 12:30 daily

Space Camp is taking place over 2 weeks:

Choose your camp from the following dates:

Week 1: July 10 – 14 9:30 – 12:30 for ages 7* to 9


Week 2: July 17 – 21 9:30 – 12:30 for ages 10 to 12
*Please note that 6 year olds cannot attend. Participating children must have completed 1st class.

Space Camp – Training kids to be Astronauts since 2007

Day 1: Science Slime 

Slime is one of our most popular activities at Blackrock Castle Observatory. However, the same ingredients can make a fluid gloop, a nearly solid putty and anything in between!  Campers will learn about measurements and mixtures, all while creating their very own slime mixture unique to them.

Day 2: Telescopes

Use a real telescope, explore optics and lenses. Visit the Observatory’s telescope and even construct your own model.

Day 3: Builder Day

Space Campers will learn about architecture and habitat design, as well as which shapes are the toughest.

Day 4: Alien Life

Learn about:

The Drake Equation: We don’t know exactly how many stars have planets or how likely it is that life arises. By filling in our own numbers, we get an idea for how likely life is and everybody can get a different answer depending on what they think.

Kepler: The Kepler space telescope has been searching for planets around distant stars since 2009 and it has found THOUSANDS of them. We’ll learn more about some of the weird and wacky planets Keplers found. What kind of alien would live on a planet with two suns?

XenoBiology: By taking what we know about life on Earth, we can make predictions about what we might find on other planets. Using the planets we’ve already discussed, we’ll make aliens for high gravity, aliens that float through gas giants, the limit is your imagination

Day 5: Rockets

Back to Earth for the last day of Space Camp as we get ready to blast off. Make a variety of rocket models before launching up, up and away!

The cost for each Space Camper is €95 per child which includes 1 week of Space Camp, Space Camp t-shirt & all activity materials.

Payment must be paid before your chosen Space Camp begins.

10% Discounts apply for members and siblings attending.

Please call us on 021 4326120 or email to book

Cancellation Policy: A minimum of 2 weeks’ notice is required in order to receive a refund.