Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) has a long history of engagement with the wider community. Our roots can be traced back to the Royal Cork Institution (RCI) which operated from 1807 until 1861. The RCI was an influential center of learning, offering courses and public lectures on science and scientific principles in agriculture and industry, with innovative thinking at its heart.

Today, the innovation is still at the heart of all we do in CIT, but the Institution itself has grown to become a vibrant university-level institution with nearly 16,000 students and 1,400 staff distributed across 4 major campuses – the main campus on the western outskirts of the city in Bishopstown, the Crawford College of Art and Design and the Cork School of Music both near the city center, and the National Maritime College situated at Ringaskiddy on the shores of the river Lee. CIT staff deliver courses in Engineering and Science, Business and Humanities, Arts and Music. CIT graduates are amongst the best educated in the country – our educational ethos is equally student-centered and relevant to the changing needs of our society.

CIT has extensive research provision and attendant commercialisation activity and is one of the highest performing research & innovation institutions in the country. Our researchers are performing pioneering work, often directly with industry, in areas such as energy conservation and generation, healthcare, and communications technologies that will help drive the next generation of the internet. Advances made through these research efforts not only help enterprise, they also ensure that upcoming generations of undergraduate students at CIT receive the most up-to-date education.

Engaging with the public has always been a strength of CIT and the Institute delivers the second-largest continuing professional development suite of programmes in the country. CIT operates the internationally award-winning CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory which has welcomed over 100,000 visitors since it opened in 2008 and is a unique partnership between CIT and Cork City Council ; our recently opened Wandsworth Quay gallery will act as an interface between artists and the public; and our School of Music is home to recitals and productions on an ongoing basis.

CIT is continuously strengthening its global footprint, with over 1500 non-Irish students studying in Cork, and educational and industry partnerships that extend from Shanghai to San Francisco, from Moscow to Cape Town, from Melbourne to New Delhi.

The ability to balance academic excellence with the extracurricular is a hallmark of the CIT student. In addition to a rich athletic tradition that includes Championship-winning GAA players and World Class sailors, thousands of CIT students participate in the hundreds of clubs, associations and community groups that enrich Cork and contribute to a vibrant campus life. Our 100,000 graduates form a vast global network, with many of our alumni reaching the top of their professions.

At CIT we are proud of our traditions and proud of our contributions to Irish life. Whether you’re a student, a graduate, somone seeking new employment skills, or an industry with a problem to solve or an idea to exploit, come visit us at to learn more about what we can do for you.