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Hiring a Finance Administrator

Hiring a Finance Administrator


ISU SSP17 Team plan a Summer of Space!

Planning underway for Space Studies Program 2017


Perseid Meteors 2016

How to see Perseid Meteors in August


Hydrogen “H-bombs” vs Atomic “A-bombs”

Fast Facts and background science about the nuclear bomb tests in North Korea


We’re hiring


Education Research & Outreach Officer

Perseids 2015


One of the best meteor showers of the year

Comet Jacques


Comet C/2014 E2 Jacques in the sky

Meteor watch for May 23/24


A chance to see a new meteor shower – with only a few big Ifs

Maths: It IS Rocket Science! CPD Summer Course for Teachers


CPD Summer Course for senior primary school teachers. Gain key insights into using Space to develop numeracy skills!

BCO CoderDojo kids taking flight to San Francisco


Five of BCO’s CoderDojo young people will travel this month to San Francisco.

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