The Most Astounding Fact

“What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?” One astrophysicist’s answer

Coder Dojo class was “cool”

“Above All: Be Cool“ is the only rule at Coder Dojo and the kids that attended our first class were certainly that

Dry Ice Bubbles

Bubble, bubble, it’s no trouble!

Leo Enright meets astronaut Dan Tani

Broadcaster and BCO regular Leo Enright bumps into NASA astronaut Dan Tani, another BCO regular.

Last Ever Shuttle Landing

Watch the celebration we had for the final shuttle mission and the landing of the shuttle Atlantis on July 21st 2011.

Final Shuttle Launch Video

The Final launch of the Shuttle Atlantis as seen from the theatre in CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory

Shuttle Party

First Fridays at the Castle – A Shuttle party to remember

First Fridays at the Castle: 30 Years of the Space Shuttle

The last ever space shuttle flight is scheduled for early July 2011 – marking the end of an era with us are NASA astronaut Dan Tani in a video link & his Cork family, Larry and Mary Egan!

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