Cork City Walls Art Project

We’re thrilled to announce that work has been completed on this first of a set of murals that we’ve commissioned under a successful application to Cork City Council’s City Centre Placemaking Fund. The work was a collaboration between CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork City Council, The Walls Project, and artist Curtis Hylton.

CIT’s Blackrock Castle Observatory has 12 years’ experience in facilitating community engagement between stakeholders, schools, industry, festivals, community organisations and the general public.  Using the painted Cork City centre walls as a jumping off point, Blackrock Castle Observatory will deliver activities that complement the Environmental and Earth and Space themes explored by the artists.

Workshops, pop-up planetarium shows, trails and talks will run during Cork City festival periods at city centre locations, as the newly painted Walls become stages and set pieces for this dynamic, urban activity.



This is one of ten projects which have been allocated funding this year under the City Council’s new City Centre Placemaking Fund. This supports projects which will enhance, improve and enliven people’s experience of Cork City centre.  It is also focused on encouraging city centre groups to collaborate together. Successful projects include large murals, greening projects, creative seating, unique events and atmospheric lighting projects.  This is the first of the projects to be implemented and over the summer visitors to the city centre will see these initiatives add to the unique city centre experience.

So how does art depicting wildlife interacting with plastic fall under BCO’s umbrella of all things “Space”? Many of the tools we can use to monitor problems here on Earth have their roots in Space. For example, the European Space Agency’s Earth Observation Satellites may be used to detect marine plastic.

We are also, undeniably, in the midst of a global environmental emergency. Space-aged tools help us to measure the scale of that emergency and to demonstrate it. Evidence-based solutions require evidence to work with, and space technologies provide that evidence in droves.

You can find further information on the role of satellites in marine plastic detection here.

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