Dry Ice Bubbles

What you need:

  • Water
  • A large bowl/container with a lip around the top
  • A cup
  • strip of material or cloth
  • soapy mixture for making bubbles (water and washing up liquid)
  • Dry Ice
  • Good quality gloves (as the dry ice is extremely cold)


  1. Place dry ice in a bowl and add a generous amount of water.
  2. Soak the cloth in a cup of your soapy mixture.
  3. Run the cloth around the lip of the bowl before dragging it across the top to form a bubble layer all over the dry ice
  4. Stand back and watch your bubble grow…

For our experiment we used approximately 5 ml of washing up liquid and 100 ml of water in the cup for the soapy mixture. We filled the container more than half full of water and added two to three handfuls of dry ice. Dry ice can be purchased from specialist suppliers, it lasts a few days at most, so just buy what you will need.


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