Second Level Workshops

Second level students can explore science with a variety of workshops at the observatory. Workshops last between 1 and 2 hours. The cost is €5 per student, with a maximum capacity of 30 students. Workshops stress mathematical skills as well as hands-on experimentation. Students will work in small groups to complete activities.



Rockets Workshop

Design and make an elastic-powered rocket and try to beat the distance record! Explore aero-dynamics and forces with simple paper rockets powered by air.


‘Eggstraordinary’ Ups and Downs Workshop

Compete for the largest budget, then design and make an “eggstra”-ordinary landing craft.

In this light hearted workshop students will first construct a small paper rocket, powered by lungs and fired within MakeSpace. The rankings on the distance that the rocket travels will be used to determine the “project budget” for the second activity – designing a landing craft for an “eggs-tronaut.”

First place will receive a budget of 2500 Federons (official solar currency), down to a measly 1500 Federons for the last place. Materials for the landing craft will be purchased with the Federons (bubble wrap is 100 Federons for a 10 cm square!) The eggs-tronauts will be launched from the low roof of the observatory. Rarely do more than a few survive!


TARA Telescope Workshops

Take control of a telescope in California. Choose your astronomical target, move the telescope and take your very own image! Learn the basics of image processing in the computer active session. Maximum capacity 24 students.

To book a Second Level workshop, please call 021-432-6120 or email