Stellar School Tour

If your time is limited then the Stellar package could be ideal for your class. For 1.5 hours your group will have the Universe at their fingertips on the interactive self-guided experience Cosmos at the Castle, where they will learn about extreme life forms on Earth and life in outer space through our Cosmos at the Castle Exhibition, the Planetarium and a guided tour.

  • Cost: €5.00/student
  • Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Age group: Adapted to suit any age group
  • Capacity: From 10-80 students

Included in the Package:

  • Students can work their way through large displays that outline our understanding of space and the Universe.
  • Explore the night sky in the Planetarium –  an immersive experience within our inflated planetarium dome
  • A guided tour of the Castle and Gunnery. Your journey will take you on a trip back through the colourful history of Blackrock, Cork or into the future of blazars, quasars and the BCO Planet Search Programme. Tours include a trip to the research towers and down to the Gunnery, which is a National Monument.

Tickets and Bookings

To book a visit please call 021-432-6120 or email