Supernova School Tour

The Supernova Package is the ultimate school tour bringing together our  most popular activities for only €9.00 per student and including tour, workshop, planetarium, and exhibition entry.

  • Cost: €9.00/student
  • Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours including break for food (if required)
  • Age group: Can be tailored to both primary and secondary groups

Capacity (if numbers are higher the school group can be divided):

  • Exhibition Space: 10 – 80
  • Primary Workshops: 10 – 30
  • Second Level Workshops: 10 – 25

Your school group will start their visit with a workshop led by our experienced staff. Workshops can vary from Alien Life to Rockets and need to be booked before your visit. Choose from these activities (primary) or these activities (post-primary).

The group will then move into our all new science exhibition, “Ireland in Space”, where they will learn about the Universe, extreme life forms on Earth and life in outer space! Popular school group activities at the observatory include:

  • The Castle Tour, a guided journey through the a Medieval castle and its rich history, as well as taking a look at the research currently being conducted at the Observatory’s labs.
  • The Star Show where our staff take students on a tour of the night sky and beyond.


Tickets and Bookings

To book a workshop, please call 021-432-6120 or email