Pre-School Science Workshops

BCO is dedicated to pre-school, primary, secondary and third level education in Ireland. Through innovative workshops and partnership, we bring science education alive for students of all ages and are a crucial provider of on-going science education for teachers.

Out of this World Pre-School Workshops

BCO can run Science Workshops at your preschool/playgroup or your group come to the Castle for your workshops and enjoy a child-centred tour of the C16th Castle!

We currently have two preschool workshops fully linked with the Aistear Curriculum available to bring your little ones up to space:

BLAST OFF! – An Astronaut’s Adventure

We’ll jump onto the moon where us astronauts play,
We’ll use a big rocket, see the stars on our way!
We’ll find all those aliens, see what they say,
And then back down to Earth – all that fun in one day!

SCIENCE SOUP! – A Messy Mix of Science Stirring

Stir up some trouble with alien mixes;
Prepare things that go bang, and some other strange fixes!
Measure things go fizz and some more that go slop,
And finish it off with some things that just pop!

To book a pre-school workshop, please call 021-432-6120 or email for more information including rates.