Cork Discovers – Researchers Night: ‘Extreme Environments – Today’s Research for Tomorrow’s World’

Cork Discovers – CIT at BCO: ‘Extreme environments – today’s research for tomorrow’s world’

Ever wondered how advances in artificial intelligence will challenge the way we currently see the world? Or how connecting devices together in their millions poses huge technical challenges that require cutting edge research to solve? Whether bugs intrigue you or repel you, would you still be interested to know how they affect the way our body works? Learn about these things, and more, from CIT researchers in the atmospheric surroundings of Blackrock Castle Observatory.






All ages; family friendly;

Events are fully accessible on the ground floors at Blackrock Castle


Schedule of Presentations:

  • “Microbes at the Extremes of Life” – Dr Roy Sleator & Dr Craig Murphy, CIT BioExplore. (Biological Sciences).Microbial species (bacteria, algae, fungi and viruses) are the most versatile of all living organisms; inhabiting almost every environmental niche known to and including man. This successful occupancy of what are host environments, uncongenial to other life forms, makes them ideal candidates for space travel and colonisation.
  • “Truth, Lies and Videotape – Adventures in Machine Learning” – Professor Paul Walsh, CIT SIGMA.Advances in Machine Learning are taking the world by storm, so that computers are now able to assess your personality. See how SIGMA research is advancing the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning with this talk and demo in the atmospheric surroundings of Blackrock Castle Observatory.
  • “Behaviour Demand Response – How can our behaviour be part of the complex infrastructure that surrounds us?” – Dr Martin Klepal  and Christian Beder, Nimbus.Even if we are not aware of it, our daily activities are embedded in a complex technological infrastructure…If we want to create the most efficient technological system, it is therefore crucial to also incorporate the people affecting its performance into the process.
  • Followed by Stargazing with BCO Labs. *Weather Permitting
  • “Our Malleable Memories ” – Dr. Gillian Murphy,UCC School of Applied Psychology, in association with Cork Skeptics.
    Can you trust your memories? Are your recollections accurate or could they be doctored by someone else? In this interactive talk you will be invited to participate in some classic psychology experiments and learn how your memory works and how this relates to false confessions, repressed memories and claims of demonic possession. This talk will explore the wealth of research on false memories – why we form them, who is most susceptible and how they can be detected – as well as discussing recent work in UCC that examined false memories and fake news during the 2018 abortion referendum.


Event Information

  • Dates: Friday 28th September, 2018
  • Time 19:00 - 22:00
  • Venue: CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory , Castle Road, Blackrock

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