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For Dark Sky Week 2020 we’re going to walk you through a really fun workshop on Light Pollution that you can do all by yourself with common household supplies. We have an equipment list below, but the workshop is very adaptable so don’t worry if you have to substitute some items.

With our videos below, Frances and Danielle will explain what Light Pollution is and how it impacts us. We’ll then show you some solutions to the issue before asking you to come up with your very own!

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A large cardboard box to act as street scene with figures (eg. lego people, trees, houses).
A light box planetarium: A smaller box (Like a shoe box) with tinfoil as the lid. Tiny holes are punched in the tinfoil, the smaller and more numerous the better!
A mobile phone torch inside the shoe box works very well as a light source.
Streetlights: Mini mag lights, tops removed to allow light spill out or torches.
Scissors, tape or glue.
Various materials: Tin foil, card, crepe paper, plastic, parchment paper etc (For making your own shields. Use your imagination!)
You can find the full workshop resource on the Space Week Ireland website here.


Video Tutorial

Make your own Planetarium with Frances and Danielle!

Now that you’ve made your very own night sky, it’s time to figure out how to protect it! Learn how to combat light pollution with our Education team.


Event Information

This event is over.

  • Dates: Thursday 23rd April, 2020
  • Time 12pm

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