Maths Week 2019: ExoWorlds

Ireland has been given HAT-P-36b and its host star to name. Rules, regulations and how to submit your suggestions are here.

But what is an exoplanet? Where are they? How do we spot them? Is there a chance of life on one of these worlds? 

Explore these ideas with our ExoWorlds workshop, offered in both Space Week and Maths Week. These workshops are available Monday 14 October, Tuesday 15 October, Thursday 17 October and Friday 18 October, 2019

Activity outlines are available here: ExoWorldJuniorCycle  & ExoWorldPrimary

Event Information

This event is over.


  • Monday 14th October, 2019
    • Suitable for: Primary 4th class and up OR Junior Cycle Students
    • Capacity: 2 classes per day
    • Cost: €5 per student
    • To Book: Ring 021 432 6120

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