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Space Week CPD for Primary Teachers

For Space Week 2019 we're offering a free CPD course to teachers on inquiry-based learning methods to teach STEM subjects in the classroom

Wednesday 11th September 2019, Wednesday 18th September, Wednesday 18th September, Thursday 19th September

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Earth & Space Conference for Junior Cycle Science Teachers

CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, Junior Cycle for Teachers, Science Foundation Ireland and ESERO Ireland present the second edition of ‘Teaching Earth and Space in the Junior Cycle.’

Saturday 12th October 2019

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Science Week CPD for Primary Teachers

For Science Week 2019, we are offering a free CPD course that will show participants how to use inquiry based learning techniques to promote children’s learning and understanding of STEM, using the Moon as a theme

Wednesday 16th October 2019, Wednesday 23rd October, Thursday 24th October, Thursday 24th October

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