Hallowe’en Asteroid

The “Hallowe’en”Asteroid is going to miss!

A recent statement from the European Space Agency has confirmed that the newly discovered asteroid 2015TB145 will pass more no closer than one Lunar Distance to the Earth.  This rock was discovered earlier this month and is estimated to be about 400 m in size. This is only an estimate, the asteroid might be made of brighter material and be smaller or made of darker material and be bigger. Radar studies as the asteroid whizzes by will give more information.

Precise orbit details can be found at the Minor Planet Centre: details here. The asteroid will be too faint to be seen without a telescope even when it makes its closest approach at 17:00 on Saturday October 31. If you want to see it, join the Virtual Telescope Network.

This asteroid is safely going to pass us, but if an asteroid was headed straight at us, European countries recently met to discuss plans for dealing with a known asteroid risk. Read more about it here.

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