DIY Holiday Science for Kids

Over the Holidays, try some science with the kids!

Here are some fun scientific activities to keep them entertained:

Frozen Bubbles

frozen bubble

What You Need To Do:

When it is 0°C or lower outside, take bubble solution outside (even just water and washing up liquid makes good solution!) and blow the bubbles up into the air. The cold temperatures will freeze the the bubbles as they fall!

You can investigate the bubbles and get even better results if you leave the bubbles on the bubble wand to freeze…..

frozen bubble 2a

Make Your Own Rock Candy Crystals 

You’ll need: caster sugar, a cup of hot water, a lolly stick or string and a jar.

rock candy


Dissolve a few tablespoons of sugar in hot water in your jar. As soon as it is dissolved, leave it to cool a little bit. Try to dissolve a little more sugar into if you can, you want the solution to be very saturated, but you don’t want sugar sitting at the bottom of the jar.  You can colour the solution with food colouring if you like (make it blue if you want a Breaking Bad twist!)

Suspend the lolly stick over the jar. You might want to use some sticky tape or pegs to hold it in place. Don’t let it touch the bottom or the sides.

Alternatively you could tie some string to a pencil and rest the pencil on top of the jar with the string hanging in the jar.

You should see crystals start to form after a few hours.


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