Send a Message to Space (from your own School!)

Our popular exhibit “Send a message to space” is now online! Your students can access the small dish on the roof above the Cosmos at the Castle exhibit at Blackrock Castle Observatory to target a known exoplanet and send a message to any inhabitants.

The target list is regularly updated. It now includes some of the new planets spotted by the Kepler Space Telescope. Many of these are in multi-planet systems, so there is a much greater chance of getting a reply. Unfortunately some of the stars are over 3000 light years away – so you might be waiting a while for a response.

Teachers at schools in Ireland can register to use Send a Message in their own classrooms. Registration is free and all sessions are free with the support of Discover Science and Engineering (now part of Science Foundation Ireland).

Register here, part of ScienceSpace, the dedicated site of our education pages.

(A prior version of this was tested at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition – apparently Dan Tani messaged “wish I was still there!”)Dan T sends msg - I miss being there

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