Cosmos at the Castle

CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory is home to Cosmos at the Castle, Cork’s fun and exciting location to learn about the Universe. Cosmos at the Castle is an award winning exhibition highlighting recent discoveries of extreme life forms on Earth and their implications for life in outer space.


What Can You Do?

  • Galactic Email Station: Send an email to Space at the Pan Galactic Station and track its navigation!
  • Meet Cosmo: Our friendly virtual astronaut invites you to share your theories on alien life.
  • Explore the Universe: Use cinema sized video screens to explore the formation of the Universe and how life developed on Earth.
  • The Comet Chaser: Play this award-winning game in Ireland’s first interactive theatre and virtually save the Earth!
  • Planetarium: Discover the night sky in our amazing Planetarium.
  • The SFI Discover Zone: Interactive hands-on experiments to explore the basic concepts of physics.

    Who Is it For?

    Cosmos at the Castle is a brilliant day out for everyone! The self guiding experience allows visitors to browse hours of cosmic content at their leisure or take a whirlwind tour of the Universe. If you’d like a preview of what activities appeal to what age groups, please see BCO for Kids & Teens.


    Tickets and Admission

    Entry to Cosmos at the Castle is included in your individual, group or family ticket to Blackrock Castle Observatory.    Get Tickets