Skywave Amateur Radio Club At Blackrock Castle!

The Skywave Amateur Radio Club logo. The logo is red with black and white foreground objects. A radio tower makes up the letter A.

Ham Radio Workshop – Free

Date: Sunday April 21st 2024

Time: 10am-4pm

Meet the Hams of the Skywave Amateur Radio Club as they activate the Castle for Tech Week 2024!

Make contact with other operators around the world from 10am – 4pm at this FREE drop-in workshop and learn about the unique hobby of Amateur Radio.

Amateur Radio is a hobby of constructing, experimenting and communicating with radios. A licensed radio amateur can operate two-way radio equipment from almost anywhere, and can talk across town or around the world. The scope and possibilities are endless and would include, for example, experiments with home-built equipment or antennas, sending TV pictures, operating through satellites, sending text messages via radio or just having a quiet chat with friends at home and abroad.

This a FREE drop-in workshop. No booking required