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Embark on a journey to the stars
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Permanent Exhibition
Ireland in Space
Permanent Exhibition
Ireland in Space
From Newgrange to New Space - Ireland's connection to Space may be deeper than you think...

From our earliest days, the Irish people have had an abiding connection to the stars. Our Stone Age ancestors built monuments that tracked the Sun, while more recent ancestors pioneered fields of mathematics that proved integral to the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Irish scientists have made their mark on the world history of astronomy and exploration, but our future looks even brighter. As Irish scientists at the European Space Agency work on the next generation of Space exploration, Irish businesses are beginning to reap the rewards that the New Space industry has to offer. Visit us today to further explore Ireland’s place in Space.

Oct 2023 - April 2024
Alien Worlds
There are worlds out there beyond the horizon of our own solar system. Let’s explore them together…

Exoplanets are planets that orbit stars outside our own solar system. Our capacity to document and study them is still relatively new, but with recent advancements in the field we have seen an exponential increase in the number of worlds we know of. These planets exist far beyond anything we can see in detail with even our most advanced optical telescopes, but through absolutely ingenious scientific methods we have already learned a great deal about these alien worlds.

Visit today to learn how we find these ghostly worlds, what we’ve learned about them, and perhaps most exciting of all – How we’re searching for evidence that we’re not alone in this universe…


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