Education at Blackrock Castle Observatory


Castle Tours, Workshops & School Visits

Our education team are ready to enhance your classroom offerings with exciting space-themed experiences. They are constantly collaborating with our in-house researchers and other experts to develop new and exciting activities that reflect the latest discoveries in the field of space. Whether you’re planning a visit, or simply want resources to elevate your day-to-day teaching, Blackrock Castle Observatory has everything you need for all things Space.

Our YouTube Channel!

If you’re looking for video resources to support you in teaching space-themed lessons, we’ve got the perfect channel for you – BCO Education. This channel is dedicated to teachers and collates years of our best space activities and resources. Subscribe today so you don’t miss any updates!

You can also find our Education Officer Frances on Twitter at the handle @BCO_Education.

Meet Frances
Our Dedicated Education Officer
Meet Frances
Our Dedicated Education Officer
Frances has decades of experience reaching students through the inspirational topic of space

If you want to experience BCO with your class but are unsure where to start, our Education Officer Frances McCarthy would be happy to assist. Reach out today.