Monthly Public Lecture

Our friends at Cork Astronomy club will be hosting their next public lecture on Monday the 13th November 2023.  They are delighted to host Dr Michael Tremmel.

Title: Studying the Dawn of Galaxy Formation: New Insights and Challenges from Next-Generation Observatories

Dr Michael Tremmel is holding a cat while posing like Spiderman. He is smiling. He has a beard and glasses and a spiderman t-shirt is poking through his overshirt.

Details: In this talk Dr Tremmel, a lecturer in UCC’s School of Physics, will give an overview of results from the last year of JWST observations of galaxies and black holes and preview some of the science coming from near-future observatories like Vera Rubin, Euclid, the Roman Space Telescope, and the Later Interferometer Space Antenna. The wealth of new data coming in the next decade from various astrophysics missions stands to revolutionize our view of the Early Universe (and, really, it already has!), in particular our theories of the formation of the first galaxies, stars, and massive black holes. This unprecedented view, which will come from both light and gravitational waves, will present new challenges to our models of how galaxies form. From the simulation side, this new era of multimessenger astrophysics will require advancements in our theoretical models in order to fully interpret and contextualize these new observations.

Date: Monday, November 13th 2023
Time: 8pm sharp  – Please arrive a few minutes early
Location: UCC Ashley Cummins Building at University College Cork – Get Directions


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"Impressive historical & astronomy science centre"
Really interesting visit to the observatory. Our guide was great and very knowledgeable about the history of the building and gave a very interesting talk about the night sky.