Lifelong Learning Festival at Blackrock Castle Observatory

Let's Explore Exoplanets!


For Cork Lifelong Learning Festival 2024, we’re going to be exploring exoplanets – strange alien worlds beyond our solar system! Learn how we detect these planets without being able to see them, and the genius methods scientists can use to learn more about these planets’ atmospheres, size, orbits, and more!

Hear from BCO astronomer Alan Giltinan on how the observatory can detect exoplanets, and some of the cutting edge research being performed by other institutions.

We’ll also have a chance to take in the Moon using some of the astronomy teams’ telescopes, weather permitting.

Finally, we have a very special exoplanet themed workshop – details of which will be announced shortly. Spaces in the workshop are free, but places are limited so advance booking is essential.

Check back soon for details of this very special workshop.

Date: Friday April 12th

Time: 5pm – 7.30 pm

Cost: Free!