Online Summer Course - Teaching Space in Junior Classes with ESERO

This 20 hour online summer course is for primary teachers of Junior classes

This ESERO Ireland course run in partnership with MTU Blackrock Castle Observatory uses space as a cross-curricular theme and aims to help teachers improve their understanding of and confidence in using a variety of space and STEM related activities and resources.

The objective of the course is to assist participants in using teaching approaches that support science and numeracy skills in an integrated way across the curriculum for junior classes (Infants to 2nd class).  School Self Evaluation aims will be covered with an emphasis on evaluating and developing Science Skills.

Module 1: The Curious Minds/ESERO Inquiry Framework and Science Skills in Junior Classes
Module 2: The Moon, the Spherical Earth and the Sun
Module 3: Stars, Space & Aliens
Module 4: The Earth: Where Do You Live? & Weather
Module 5: Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Each module includes lesson activities, science content background and pedagogical approaches.

This course is an online version of the “Junior Rocket Scientists” course that was previously offered as a face-to-face course at Blackrock Castle Observatory and Lough Gur Heritage Centre between 2014 and 2019.  Here’s what a teacher reported about their experience:

  “course very relaxing, fun, informative and renewed my enthusiasm to teach the children about space and help them to constantly ask – how, why, I wonder and to learn that all discussion is valuable”

On completion of the course qualifying teachers will receive a CPD certificate and will qualify for 3 EPV Days.

Participants enrolling on the course are asked to commit to a follow up (impact) report.

This course costs €20 and you can book your place here.