Photography at The Castle

Blackrock Castle is a stunning backdrop for photographers in its own right, but the real photographic potential of the site is made obvious from our towers and rooves.

With panoramic views of Cork harbour and the neighbouring countryside, our castle is sure to kick your photography game up a notch.

We cater to corporate photo shoots, wedding photography, and amateur photography. Fees are dependent on the level of access required and any special accommodations we may need to provide.




Talk to Our Team

Please note that ordinary photographs taken from outside the castle and within the courtyard do not require permission or a fee. If you wish to set up a shoot within the courtyard that requires props, staging and/or vehicles we will need to be booked and involve our team.

Please note that flying of drones within the castle grounds is prohibited unless by prior arrangement.

If in doubt, simply reach out to our team.


Photo credit: William Bayreuther

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