The Castle Tour

Take a tour
Take a tour

*Please note, for the duration of the summer, upgrade works necessitate a slight modification to the offering detailed below. Visitors with tickets for guided tours will still gain guided access to the original fort and tower top, however the history of Blackrock Castle will be detailed in a video in our forum theatre. We apologise for any inconvenience. Further details available here. *


Throughout the day, we offer guided  tours of the castle. The tour takes you through 400 years of history; From the original fort, built to deter pirates in Cork harbour, through to the modern telescope dome installed on the tower top.

Our guides will deliver a lively and engaging tour through the castles unique history while taking you to parts of the facility that are inaccessible without a guide.

A highlight of the guided tour is the view available from atop the towers of the castle. Overlooking the river Lee and the Blackrock area you won’t want to miss it.

* Please note that due to the nature of the medieval building, the rooftop and the fort are regrettably not wheelchair accessible.