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Supernova Tour

The Supernova Package is the ultimate school tour bringing together our most popular activities including Castle Tour, Workshop, Star Show, and our brand new Ireland in Space exhibition

Your school group will start their visit with a workshop led by our experienced staff. The workshop topics must be selected in advance, so please review the options below before making your booking.

  • Cost: €9.00/student
  • Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours including break for food (if required)
  • Capacity 2 classes of learners

Stellar Tour

If your time is limited then the Stellar package could be ideal for your class. For 1.5 hours your group will have the Universe at their fingertips on the interactive self-guided experience Ireland in Space, as well as experiencing a Star Show and Castle Tour

  • Cost: €5.00/student
  • Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Capacity: From 10-80 students
Available Primary Level Workshops

Workshop Details

Move It Workshop

Students will explore how to make things move without touching them! Hands on activities with magnetic materials, a toy rocket launcher and marble runs will enable students to solve problems and work together.

Learning Objectives, Curricular Links and more here.

Mars Mysteries Workshop

Mars is the best studied of all the planets. Students will find out what we know about Mars through satellite images and surface exploration by rovers and landers. Sand trays will be used to model various processes that have affected the surface of Mars, with experiments about cratering. The 2.5h version of this workshop includes Martian water channels images and experiments. Students will apply their understanding to design their own experiments on the theme of craters on Mars.

Learning Objectives, Curricular Links and more here.

Electric Circuits Workshop

Students are introduced to electronics and electric circuits. Classroom kits with plug-and-play components will be used, with no tools or soldering required. Students will use electronics to control light and motors, create alarms and solve real world situations

Learning Objectives, Curricular Links and more here.

Booking Your Tour
Booking Your Tour
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To book your session or to address any queries, reach out to our education team today. They will be happy to assist you in any way they can.