Women and Girls in Astronomy

As part of the International Astronomical Union’s Women and Girls in Astronomy celebrations, Astrophysicist Sorcha MacManamon will be speaking to 1st year girls from the Sacred Heart School, Tullamore about astronomy, exoplanets, and her career journey to date.

Sorcha is Sorcha is an astrophysics PhD with the Exoplanet Systems group in Trinity College, Dublin. Her work focuses on the gas emissions from exocometary belts around nearby stars to search for evidence of exoplanets.

*This event is closed*


To run your own event as part of these celebrations, the IAU Office of Astronomy Outreach have provided some great activities templates and resources you can avail of.

You can play the free Women in Astronomy Cooperative Card Game. By playing this game, players will discover the role of women in astronomy and
recognise their contributions and their role in advancing the science of astronomy. The game cards can be downloaded here, and the game rules can be accessed here.

You can arrange a talk or workshop that promotes women in astronomy and STEM.

You can learn about a number of women in space careers at the ESERO careers profile page here.

Several Irish women feature in this piece from Space Week 2023 on historically significant Irish astronomers:  Irish Examiner