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BCO is dedicated to primary, secondary and third level education in Ireland. Through innovative workshops and partnership, we bring science education alive for students of all ages and are a crucial provider of ongoing science education for teachers.


SkyMatters: Your monthly guide to the night sky in association with the Irish Examiner.

StarDome on Tour

Our portable planetarium brings the night sky into your school, with customised shows for primary and secondary level.

BCO for Schools

Programmes for any age group to put the Universe at your students' fingertips with engaging, interactive science experiences.

Discover Primary Science & Maths Workshops

Complete part of the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science & Maths Awards.

Second Level Workshops

Second level students can explore science with a variety of workshops at the observatory.

BCO for Teachers

BCO lights up the classroom with science curriculum activities and ongoing education for teachers.

PreSchool Science Workshops

NEW! Out of this world PreSchool Workshops now available.

Signals From Space

CORY is LIVE....Explore the Signals from space!

Second Level Teaching Resources

Add a twist to your lessons with these online resources

Web of Stars Workshop

A unique opportunity for students to explore the cosmos live with researchers at Chabot Space & Science Center in San Francisco.

Homework Help

Space, space exploration and planet resources & links for students.

What’s in the Sky Tonight?

Interested in what's in the night sky tonight? Check out these great resources for gazing into the stars & look up in wonder!

What are Science and Astronomy?

Learn about what science is, the importance of the Scientific Method, and how astronomy and the study of celestial objects fits in.

Name The Big Dish!

Name the huge 32meter satellite dish at Ireland's National Space Centre! Submit your entry by 28 October for GREAT prizes!

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